About Us

When considering  telecommunications, it’s no longer a voice world.

Alternative, less costly forms of communication are emerging rapidly. How are you going to provide world-class customer service across an assortment of communication channels?

Unfortunately, there’s no crystal ball and, no immediate answers to which form of communication your customers may elect to use this hour. This day. Any day. Will it be voice? Email? Web chat? Fax? Online forms? SMS?

Your goal is to build an omnichannel solution enabling world-class customer service no matter how any customer may choose to interact at any moment.

Can you do it? Do you have the right technology and processes in place to hit your service levels today and in the future?

Can you Adapt?

Since 1997, Adapt has helped hundreds of organizations ensure that they have a unified and simplified strategy aligned to meet the growing communication demands of the future.

Adapt is a highly honored North American reseller and systems integrator and delivers, develops, installs and supports omni-channel contact center communications.

Our product offering is the market-leading Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center®, an IP communications software suite optimized by trained, certified professionals. They work every day to ensure the CIC platform is uniting your people and processes with your customers. The goal is delivering the same level of service to users regardless of the communication channel of choice. Applications are both premise- and cloud-based. Adapt also is widely known for delivering contact center best practices, enterprise VoIP and business process automation capabilities second to none.

Adapt has a 19-year history in the unified communication and contact center marketplace. Our company is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. We serve clients in more than 25 states. Our teams specialize in sales, development, systems engineering and implementation, project management, technical product support, managed services and consulting. Our team members average a minimum 10 years of experience working with CIC.

Our 99 percent customer retention rate reflects our ability to satisfy customer needs and exceed expectations. Our success in serving clients, the awards and recognition we have earned for innovative applications of the CIC software and the depth of our engineering strength underscore how we help our customers unify, simplify and Adapt to an ever-changing telephony world.

Adapt enables you to deliver communications at the speed of now.