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In my 13 years at Adapt and for 5 years prior to that, I have worked in the contact center and communications industry in just about every capacity, from implementation, project management, and support to pre-sales engineering and now product management. This latest role has been the most exciting, as I am now responsible for driving innovation and creating value for our clients through Adapt products such as Smart Track and Smart Video - to mention just a couple of our most recent launches. Looking ahead, I am excited to be taking on challenges such as fraud prevention (especially in the financial service industry) and digital transformation, by incorporation solutions for biometric and multi-factor authentication, voice fraud detection, and digital channel / social media routing.

How to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Real-Time

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One of the biggest issues credit unions face is dealing with fraudsters. Each year, credit unions spend an average of 2,354 man hours dealing with issues caused by fraudulent activity. That's more time than one full-time employee puts into their job every year. Click image to download Smart Track brochure! Despite the rise [...]