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After spending the previous 18 years at Interactive Intelligence, I came to Adapt to work alongside a VAR that I had admired over the years for their strong work ethic, family values, and the desire to radically improve the customer experience. As the SVP of Marketing & Sales, I get to work alongside not only some of the most talented people in the contact center industry, but also with some very great clients. My years in the contact center industry (more than 25 years and counting!) talking with analysts, media, prospects and clients alike have given me some unique perspectives on where this world of business communications is going.

Customer Service is at Odds with Financial Data Security

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Social engineering tactics give fraudsters an advantage when dealing with your agents. For credit unions, stellar customer service is a competitive advantage. In addition to coming for good rates and easy financial transactions, members choose credit unions because of the quality of the customer experience. The Harvard Business Review found that while [...]