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Smart Communication Solutions for Credit Unions

Adapt provides communication solutions for  credit unions ranging from full VoIP enterprise products … to advanced contact center applications with integration to your core data processor … to bank by phone solutions with natural language speech applications.

Our omnichannel solution has the flexibility to be your credit union’s single and complete communication platform. No array of additional servers is required.

To get started, we can simply replace your outdated IVR.

Or, sit behind your current PBX to provide robust call center applications.

Most of the credit unions we serve use Interactive Intelligence/Adapt solutions as their main communication systems. But many also work closely with Adapt to deliver specific point solutions such as contact center or IVR-only solutions.

At each of these outstanding credit unions, our focus is measurably improving the “Member Experience.” See the short video at the top of the page.

Adapt has integrated with most of the prevalent core data processors that provide solutions to the credit union community including:  Symitar Episys, D+H Phoenix and UltraData, OSI DNA,  Fiserv Spectrum, DataSafe and  XP (with plans to integrate to Acumen).  The work we have done with the cores has enabled Adapt to provide more intelligent member interactions. That in turn helps both the credit unions and tens of thousands of their members.

Here is a summary of the Adapt “Smart” applications that we provide to credit union clients, making us unique:

  • VoIP Enterprise Phone Systems with all applications available at all locations or for remote users
  • Disaster Recovery of ALL applications
  • Multimedia Queuing – Phone calls, emails, web chats, faxes, text messages, social media, video, and MRM tickets
  • Quality Recording – Recording of all multimedia interactions with encryption and compression and coaching score cards
  • Screen Recording – Recording of the PC screen(s) of the agents
  • Speech Analytics – Real-time word and phrase spotting, alerting, and search of historical recordings
  • Adapt Interactive Teller System – Touch-Tone, speech recognition, text-to-speech, bank by phone, IVR – feature-rich and configuration friendly
  • Pre-Queue Balance – Member authentication through core data processor API, play balance, last deposit, option for last “N” transactions; lowers calls to call center
  • Authenticated Screen Pops of core data processor desktop application through real-time connection to core’s API
  • Specialized Routing – Past due members directly to Collections, priority and bulls-eye routing
  • Cross-Selling – Play specialized messages to members based on member authentication
  • Member Post-Call Surveys with escalation to supervisors
  • Outbound Campaigns – Collections, on-boarding, marketing, opt in/courtesy pay, CAM alerts, merger/conversion, branch opening
  • Automated tracking of all Member interactions – Integration to Synapsys or account cross sell (helps with fraud detection and service)
  • Workforce Management – Agent forecasting and scheduling with real-time schedule adherence
  • Video – Kiosks, video conferencing, webinars, chat

See the guide and handy checklist, “Adapt Applications for Credit Unions”

We are often asked by prospective credit union customers, “Why should we do business with Adapt?”  The three principal reasons why credit unions choose Adapt are:

  1. The flexibility of the Customer Interaction Center’s (CIC) IP communications software suite. It is an all-in-one software-based architecture.
  2. The breadth of the applications available on the CIC platform and its significant advantages to credit unions over competing products. Ask us to illustrate this.
  3. The expertise of Adapt in delivering solutions specifically related to credit unions while partnering with credit union customers and integrating to their core data processors.


Adapt has been named recipient of the Interactive Intelligence Worldwide Partner of the Year award for 2015 over some 375 other resellers globally. Adapt is a Platinum Partner of Interactive and has been a partner for 19 years.  Adapt’s lengthy and successful partnership with Interactive enables us to design, implement and manage communications projects for our customers while delivering unmatched technical support. We hope you will join our credit union community soon and become part of Adapt’s annual Credit Union User Conference! Our upcoming March 2017 conference is at at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel. Credit union customers should call 630.468.7656 for details.

Additionally, you’re invited to explore your potential in securing cost savings on contracts as part of renegotiations with a variety of technology vendors. Credit unions have achieved contract-related savings through Contract Negotiation Solutions, now aligned with Adapt as a solutions partner. Try CNS’ no-obligation, no-risk assessment!