Contact Center Solutions in Healthcare

Adapt’s 2014 5orldwide Partner of the Year honor as a value-added reseller of products from Interactive Intelligence (ININ) provides strong evidence how we can help build a foundation for excellence within your patient, client or customer-focused contact center. Our entire focus is to create customized contact center applications, implement and manage projects and deliver unmatched technical support.

An independent survey of Adapt’s customers found 93% scoring our technical support team either “excellent” or “good” in promptness, follow-up and professionalism.  Customers gave Adapt’s certified engineers a 96% rating for technical competence.

We satisfy critical needs of contact centers serving Allscripts, Bellco Health, San Francisco Health Plan, 1-800-PetMeds, United States Medical Supply, Walgreens and dozens more.

We help transform your contact center into a customer service and outbound campaign powerhouse. But power requires flexibility – and innovation – for the multichannel agility you need to respond to customer demands.  Adapt offers a 360-degree contact center solution through ININ’s Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) which gives you a single IP communications platform, one that’s available on-premise or as a hosted service. Our new, agile, cloud-based offering comes with a fixed monthly price. You can even migrate from the cloud back to your own site at any time – seamlessly – without incurring downtime or being forced to drop valuable applications.

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CIC’s acclaimed superiority is because of its all-in-one, open standards architecture for multichannel interactions as well as SIP and VoIP.  No longer will a multipoint system burden your people or clutter your server room.  CIC is a complete, unified communications system – optimized “apps in a box” – which helps you enhance the customer experience you strive to deliver.

There’s a reason customers refer to us as “Team Adapt.” We are proud to offer, develop, deploy and support:
  • IP-PBX
  • ACD/multimedia queuing
  • Quality monitoring and reporting
  • IVR and self service automation
  • Knowledge management
  • Workforce management
  • Outbound dialing
  • Multimedia recording and screen recording
  • Agent scoring
  • Multi-site routing
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Building a better experience for your customers gives you the ultimate advantage. Interactive’s all-in-one contact center solution enables you to make each experience of each customer an exceptional one. Adapt believes automating contact center operations has never been so streamlined or a process which can be enhanced with so many compelling, custom applications.

10 benefits of making Adapt your unified communications and systems integration partner:
  • Our team unifies your communication into an omni-channel, allowing the emergence of a single platform that’s “all-in-one”
  • We blend all channel touch points – voice, email, fax, web, web self service, chat, SMS – with your business rules into ONE unified system without needing additional software or hardware … a relief from past administrative burdens
  • You can immediately start managing and blending both inbound and outbound multi-channel interactions
  • We make it easy to automate multimedia routing and queuing processes
  • You and we collaborate to lay the communications foundation for revenue-producing outbound campaigns
  • Your team works with ours to improve training and agent performance of both onsite and remote workers
  • You elevate quality of service and customer satisfaction levels
  • We enable you to apply improved metrics to add greater accuracy to forecasts and workforce schedules
  • Your administrative tasks are simplified because you operate in a single, centralized environment
  • You at last unify all communications on the desktop – connecting multi-site operations within a single platform