Speech Analytics & IVR

Enhance your contact center’s real-time speech analytics.


Interaction Analyzer puts intelligent real time speech analytics within the reach of any contact center or enterprise. This cost-effective application is part of the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) all-in-one suite of products and leverages the CIC architecture.

Simply recognizing a spoken word or phrase and alerting a supervisor is not necessarily the most effective use of speech technology. Nor does it really qualify as analytics, which is where scoring comes into play. During a live call, as Interaction Analyzer spots keywords and phrases, it is continually updating a set of scores for each interaction. Both the agent and customer have a cumulative score assigned to them that can be seen. This score is calculated based on the keywords and phrases the agent and customer have spoken and on the scores (positive or negative) assigned to them when the keyword lists were created. Supervisors can then make better informed decisions on which calls might need assistance. They use Analyzer scores with other data available about the interaction.

An example:

Customer call:                                                                  Supervisor action:
Customer Score (-15)                                                        “Acme is one of our larger accounts. It just doesn’t
Agent Score (+10)                                                              seem to be happy but Mark, my top agent, is saying
Agent (Mark)                                                                        the right things. I’ll just listen in on this transaction
Customer (Acme, Inc.)                                                        to see how it’s going.”

When supervisors aren’t actively monitoring queues, they can set alerts to watch for certain scores and send notifications that a current call has passed an acceptable threshold. Or leave the supervisor out of it, and use CIC’s desktop API to have the system automatically provide the agent with assistance to handle the call.

Adapt’s unique solution for speech analytics

  • Overcomes the high cost of existing speech analytics solutions by leveraging the existing architecture of CIC’s all-in-one platform to turn on the Interaction Analyzer licenses
  • Highlights interactions and agents that need attention in real-time, limit negative impact on customer service, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center supervisory role
  • Identifies trends by using speech analytics data stored with recorded calls to assist with agent or process improvementsReal-time keywords and phrase spotting
  • Defineslists of keywords with alternate spellings and scores
  • Associates your keyword lists with inbound/outbound queues
  • Gets immediate, accurate detection with channel separation (user vs. customer)


Real-time monitoring, alerting, interaction scoring

  • View words spotted plus scores per interaction for monitoring as desired
  • Set alert on calls with low/high scores
  • Track per user and per queue scores


Keyword spotting reporting

  • Report specific keyword category trends by queue, user, or summarized stats
  • Use Interaction Recorder® to store speech analytics with recordings for quick search and trending analysis


Watch CIC in Action

Interaction Analyzer

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IVR solutions that adapt to your business

Adapt and Interactive Intelligence deliver IVR solutions in any contact center or enterprise where customer service counts.

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Replace digit-intensive dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) “Touch-tone” IVR interfaces with speech-enabled service menus that guide customers more intuitively

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Automate the repetitive tasks which frequently sidetrack agents — verify account balances, answer inquiries, track incidents, reset customer passwords. You will discover your agents are more readily available to handle interactions that generate discernible revenue.

Report on activities across media types

Adapt’s IVR solutions come with standard reports for lines, line groups, and fax, allowing managers to easily review system activity statistics for phone calls, faxes, web-based callback requests and wireless interactions, plus operational costs.

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