Quality Monitoring & Recording

Interaction Recorder®

Pre-integrated to the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) from Interactive Intelligence, Interaction Recorder provides complete quality assessment control in one environment for recording and archiving phone calls along with emails, faxes, web chat and workflow. More than simply a recording tool, Interaction Recorder provides innovative agent scoring features that will simplify your agent performance tracking and quality assessment processes. Out-of-the-box reports facilitate the measurement of team and individual scoring results. Additionally,  intuitive categorization and retrieval features ease recording file management.

Every step of the way, Interaction Recorder helps improve customer service standards, optimizes agent and manager performance, promotes compliance, validates sales orders and resolves discrepancies. Interaction Recorder upgrades literally every aspect of your interaction process between your agents, your business and your clients.

Recording selection interface

You can choose specific interactions for automatic recording and establish recording rules based on business requirements. The Recording Selection interface is a component of CIC’s inherent Interaction Administrator® configuration interface.

Categorizing recording files

Numerous Adapt clients also categorize recording files in Interaction Administrator to speed their file search and retrieval processes. They also frequently opt to apply security rules to limit access to authorized users only.

Scoring questionnaires and grading schemes

You can create questionnaires with an easy-to-use wizard and link scorecards with a recorded interaction to help evaluate the interaction’s content. Simply view any questionnaire in Interaction Recorder’s Recording Details window.

Interaction Screen Recorder

Capture the screen activity of agents handling all media types. The Screen Recorder add-on also provides the synchronized playback of audio and workstation activity for complete quality level monitoring.


View reports of agent scores in the Interaction Client® desktop communications manager interface in CIC, and create reports based on data gathered in questionnaires.

Interaction Supervisor

Monitor Interaction Recorder and CIC system performance simultaneously in real-time. Configure the Interaction Supervisor application to send alerts when specific Interaction Recorder performance levels are met.

Interaction Optimizer

Use Interaction Recorder’s recording, screen recording and scoring in conjunction with the Interaction Optimizer™ workforce management application to enhance training and agent effectiveness and boost service levels.

Key benefits

A non-blocking architecture and additional unparalleled features make Interaction Recorder a truly unique solution for recording and quality assurance.

You can receive a faster return on your investment by minimizing Interaction Recorder’s deployment and operations costs through a pre-integration with CIC.

You can improve service quality and productivity of your agents using one seamless environment in which contact center agents, supervisors and business users all record and score phone calls as well as emails, faxes and web chats. Around the world, Interaction Recorder has a proven history of enhancing team-wide Key Performance Indicators when combined with quality optimization business practices.

You can achieve a lower total cost of ownership by simplifying the configuration for Interaction Recorder and CIC into the same administrative interface. Recorder’s non-blocking architecture also eliminates duplicate trunking requirements. This keeps trunking costs lower along with costs associated with digital storage and archiving of recording files.