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Six Traits of Future-Ready Contact Centers

According to Cornerstone Advisors research, only a third of bank and credit union executives believe that their contact centers are future-ready. Odds are, your contact center is probably not on the list! In this webinar, Adapt and Cornerstone are going to reveal the results of a study we conducted that clearly identified six best practices used by future-ready financial institutions. Size and technology investments play an important role, but the most important factors distinguishing future-ready contact centers from the rest of the pack are the practices with which they manage this critical channel.

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Rethink Your Contact Center: 2017 CU Contact Center Benchmark Results

There has never been a better time to change your thinking on the role of your contact center in delivering a great member experience. Join Adapt and Strategic Contact to learn from the results of the 2017 Credit Union Contact Center Survey and gain a fresh perspective on your operations and use of technology. We’ll dive into the survey results to reveal what credit unions are thinking about member channel diversity and the migration to digital, authentication and fraud prevention, sourcing and partners, and tackling your greatest challenges and opportunities with tools, resources, and process optimization.

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Five priorities for YOUR credit union to improve member experience

In 2016, Strategic Contact surveyed 119 credit unions across the country as part of their annual benchmarking survey. This survey revealed top priorities for credit union contact centers to focus on in order to improve the member experience. During this webinar, we’ll uncover five of those priorities and give you a chance to learn from your peers and prioritize actions for your center.

Watch this recorded webinar with Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, and Tim Passios, SVP Marketing and Sales for Adapt, as they review the results and provide the insights you need in these five key areas:

  1. Accessibility, availability, and continuity
  2. Current channel usage and plans for wider adoption
  3. Technology optimization
  4. Workload reduction opportunities
  5. Performance and performance management
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