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Support Phone: (630) 468-7600
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Adapt’s National Support Center is staffed with Interaction Center Certified Engineers (ICCE) offering a comprehensive range of support services. Adapt Support provides 24x7x365 coverage for emergency situations. Adapt supports any product officially offered and supported by Genesys/Interactive Intelligence as part of the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) platform, or integrations developed by Genesys/Interactive Intelligence to other 3rd party applications such as Salesforce.

Support Options:

Standard Support

is included with Genesys/Interactive yearly maintenance and provides basic coverage for defects in the CIC code. When you plan to or have invested in the training and education of your administrative staff, the Standard level of support is most appropriate.

Standard Support covers:

  • Issues confirmed to be CIC code issues verified by Interactive Intelligence/Genesys
  • License updates
  • CIC code updates during the Adapt Support maintenance team window

Preferred Support

covers any issue confirmed as a code problem and any investigation where the root cause is not an Genesys/Interactive Intelligence code bug. If you want or need additional resources, choose the Preferred level of coverage.

Preferred Support covers:

  • Issues confirmed to be CIC code issues verified by Genesys/Interactive Intelligence
  • License updates
  • CIC code updates during the Adapt Support maintenance team window
  • Any investigation where the root cause is not a CIC code issue; such as those stemming from your network, telephony provider, or integration to a 3rd party application
  • 30 two-hour sessions for MACs (moves, adds, changes)
  • Installation of LogicMonitor and measurement points for alerts and diagnostic assistance

Managed Services

is an add-on subscription option for Preferred Support to have Adapt also manage your CIC hardware, software applications and voice network monitoring.

Managed Services adds the following to Preferred Support coverage:

where Adapt will manage a variety of activities on the servers and network gateways required for CIC’s operation; such as applying Microsoft Windows updates, applying Interactive Intelligence/Genesys code updates, and monthly maintenance and back up of system configuration files.

for CIC, and Microsoft related services and processes on CIC devices to detect alerts/alarms indicating performance issues. We notify you of any critical alarms.

for early detection of Voice over IP issues. Adapt monitors measurement points on CIC servers, gateways, voice VLAN switches, IP phones, and SIP softphones that can alert Adapt Support to potential problems related to VoIP networks.

is a program designed to assist new dialer administrators in learning and executing all aspects of the dialer system successfully; such as understanding and managing data, and designing/building/implementing dialer campaigns. Work is scheduled as a consultative engagement.