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Your customers expect seamless interactions; whether they choose to contact you by voice, email, web chat, video, social, text, or fax. Adapt experts help you navigate and address these omnichannel communication challenges to create the customer experience you want. Leveraging our decades of experience, we creatively tailor and build solutions to help you deliver on your contact center goals.

Adapt has more knowledge and experience with the solutions from Genesys/Interactive Intelligence than any other provider.


When the need for complete control is driving your decision, PureConnect powered by Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for on-premises is your solution. CIC for on-premises is an IP communications software platform and pre-integrated application suite that improves your contact center performance and gives you the control that you want. CIC is an all-in-one solution that handles customer interactions consistently, whether voice, email, web chat, video, social, text, or fax. It also gives you the tools to better manage your resources and agent performance. CIC’s customizable functionality allows you to eliminate the headaches of multi-point legacy communication systems without having to replace those systems. You benefit from a feature-rich suite that helps you manage your entire customer engagement process.


PureConnect Cloud

If your mid- to large-size contact center needs a flexible solution, rich in features and control but what you want most is a cloud solution, PureConnect powered by Customer Interaction Center (CIC) can also be hosted in the cloud providing cost-effective, on-demand services to improve your customer experience. Even as a hosted cloud solution, CIC is still a highly customizable, omnichannel solution enabling you to deploy a range of customer engagement applications in the Genesys/Interactive Intelligence data centers. You can scale up or down rapidly, adjust to fluctuating seasonal demands or simply deploy faster. With this hybrid-capable cloud solution, you can add new capabilities and manage new users easily without the need for extensive IT involvement. All-in-one CIC consistently handles customer contact across channels and provides you with the tools to better manage your resources and employee performance. All from the cloud.



Looking for the latest advancements in cloud contact center technology with unmatched scalability, resiliency and flexibility, and an easy, month-to-month payment plan? PureCloud is the first cloud platform built using a microservices architecture atop Amazon Web Services and is designed to fit any size contact center, from small to large. This new omnichannel platform from Genesys/Interactive Intelligence was built to maximize uptime and ensure your contact center is always running with the latest, most advanced feature set. Compelling advantages of the PureCloud all-in-one platform include: the simplicity and reliability of the architecture; vast scalability across channels and agents; and immediate, continual delivery of new features.


PureCloud Collaborate and Communicate

Your team needs robust, real-time communication and collaboration tools that are easy to use, easy to deploy and all in one place to save time. PureCloud Collaborate provides instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing, and document management. Need voice services to create a complete UC&C solution? PureCloud Communicate builds on Collaborate’s features and integrates telephony services into one user interface. In today’s highly plugged in environment, these tools are a necessity to improve your team’s efficiency and to better accomplish their goals.


Custom Applications

During Adapt’s hundreds of successful design, implementation and support experiences with the Genesys/Interactive Intelligence solutions, our team was called on to develop custom applications to meet client needs. These established “Smart” applications were developed primarily for the credit union industry but can be adapted for any industry. We maintain a reputation for excellence in developing applications that enhance the Genesys/Interactive Intelligence product suite for our client’s specific needs.

  • As you can image, a conversion of this magnitude can be very overwhelming, but your team calmed our fears!!  They were extremely knowledgeable, patient and very solution orientated. We know we are in “good hands” and look forward to working with you and your team at Adapt for many years to come!!

    Community Financial Credit Union
  • Your project management team is diligent, transparent and collaborative. We would not be here if not for your team’s focus and passion for achievement. Your technical team is creative, sharp and, again, collaborative.

    Large US Insurance Company
  • Adapt pared weeks, possibly months, from our implementation schedule.

    Yardi Systems
  • Adapt’s team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, plus it is refreshing to work with a vendor that really understands credit unions. One senior manager who is especially happy about the new system is the CFO because the credit union’s telephone expenses plummeted by $50,000 in the first year.

    Los Angeles Federal
  • Adapt’s extensive product knowledge, combined with Interactive’s highly customizable solution, have allowed us to tailor a fully unified communications system that that fits our rapidly changing business needs.

    Nautilus Equipment Company
  • When a busy day involves our handling 4,000 to 5,000 calls, CIC’s single platform allows us to complete updates in a few hours, compare to a multi-system product that might take days to upgrade.

    American Hotel Register Company