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When your business needs a custom application to get the most out of your Genesys/Interactive Intelligence contact center solution, Adapt’s engineers have the depth of experience and knowledge to develop exactly what you need. Whether the custom application is industry or functionally driven, we have the knowhow to make it happen quickly. Below are examples of apps that we have successfully developed for the Credit Union Industry. Some of these “Smart” apps have been adapted for other industries, too. Our team will make sure you have the app that best serves your business.

Custom Applications for the Credit Union Industry:

Smart Track

Fraud detection and prevention designed to save Credit Unions hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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Smart Video

VIP video routing designed for in-branch kiosks, giving members access to experts within the company regardless of location.

Smart Screen Pop®

Authenticated Screen Pops of core data processor desktop application through real-time connection to a core’s API. Designed to streamline communications with members and increase the member experience.

Smart Info®

Pre-Queue Balance for member authentication through core data processor API, play balance, last deposit, option for last “N” transactions. Designed to lower calls to the contact center and provide members the information they need more rapidly.

Smart Teller®

Interactive Teller System with touch-tone, speech recognition, text-to-speech, bank by phone, IVR – feature-rich and configuration friendly.

Specialized Routing

For past due members directly to Collections, priority and bulls-eye routing.


By playing specialized messages to members based on member authentication.

Automated Tracking of All Member Interactions

With integration to Synapsys® or account cross sell
(helps with fraud detection and service).