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Built on top of PureConnect, powered by Customer Interaction Center,  and part of the Adapt Smart Apps suite, Smart Track is a fraud detection and prevention application that integrates into your core, requires no additional hardware, and has the potential to save credit unions hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Your biggest risk for fraud could be coming from your agents!

You work hard to train your agents to be as helpful to your members as they can be. But studies have shown that your agents may be TOO helpful – to the point where they are giving out sensitive information that allows fraudsters access right into your member’s accounts! Take a look at this infographic for more.

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Learn from others who are already using Smart Track today to detect and prevent fraud.

Fighting fraud is hard, but Smart Track makes it easy for your agents to immediately detect when fraudsters are trying to use social engineering techniques to hack into your member’s accounts. Hear what some of our customers are saying about how Smart Track is helping them.

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Smart Track – designed to stop fraudsters while still helping your members.

By integrating into your core, Smart Track gives your agents the information they need to immediately detect and prevent social engineering attacks.

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Immediate fraud detection at your agent’s fingertips.


Challenge questions to quickly block social engineering attacks.


Alert supervisors and fraud team as soon as fraud has been detected.

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