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Adapt offers the latest in cloud technology with PureCloud Engage, the first cloud contact center platform built using a microservices architecture atop Amazon Web Services. Each microservice operates independently, which means you get the ultimate in scalability, flexibility and future feature growth, all while getting up and running much faster than traditional premises-based hardware solutions. Combined with Adapt’s expertise at getting you the most from this platform, it’s easy to ensure a great customer experience on this cutting-edge cloud solution.

Simplicity, Ease-of-Use and Reliability
Make PureCloud Engage Powerful

While you might think that a highly sophisticated cloud-based multimodal powerhouse solution might be difficult to use, PureCloud Engage provides seamless multichannel capabilities with simplicity and ease. Fast deployment and the simple month to month pricing make PureCloud Engage easily accessible. Since it is a cloud solution, you benefit from continuous improvements to the product, unmatched reliability, and scalability with choice of which features you use. PureCloud Engage provides an all-in-one, single view of customer interactions that helps you capture key insights to improve every aspect of your customer’s experience.


The Building Blocks to a Competitive Advantage

PureCloud Engage will help you build your competitive advantage with these capabilities:

Multichannel Routing

Apply advanced routing to achieve seamless omnichannel interactions.

Speech Enabled IVR

Create IVR flows easily with a visual interactive interface.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights about your customers from the singular view to interactions

Workforce Optimization

Boost success with a consolidated view of performance, quality and customer feedback

Outbound Campaigns

Personalize interactions with proactive outreach for notifications

CRM Integrations

Increase your agent productivity with easy access to your CRM

Graphical Agent Scripting

Improve your customer’s experience with real-time scripting guides that allow for personalization to the situation

Social Channel Management

Monitor and respond to your customers posts on social media hubs within your contact center interface

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Complete care for PureCloud:
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We’ve put together the right care package that meets the demands of your business. Whether you want a little handholding or someone at always at your side, we’ll be here for you. Choose from one of four care packages to make PureCloud a success for you!

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