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When you need complete control, PureConnect powered by Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for on-premises is your solution. CIC for on-premises is an IP communications software platform and pre-integrated application suite that improves your contact center performance. CIC is an all-in-one solution that handles customer interactions consistently, whether voice, email, web chat, video, social, text or fax. It also gives you the tools to optimize resources and better manage agent performance.

PureConnect powered by Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for On-Premises Proven, Flexible, Secure

PureConnect powered by Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for on-premises is the all-in-one platform that is already helping thousands of contact centers improve their customer experience. CIC works to empower your agents with access to multichannel communications from your customers. Modular in design, CIC ends costly and formidable integrations of multi-point hardware systems from legacy vendors. Within highly regulated industries, CIC’s built-in best practices can help navigate complex restrictions with ease, from HIPPA to PCI.  Since security is exceptional, the U.S. Department of Defense and multiple national security agencies employ CIC as their solution. CIC is the long-standing gold standard for contact center software.


Features of PureConnect Powered by
Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for On-Premises

Multichannel Routing

A single routing engine managing all communications channels – even CRM or trouble ticket objects.

Get a true multichannel all-in-one solution with seamless channel blending with CIC. A single routing engine provides for all interaction types including advanced routing for voice, email, web chat, video, social, text, fax, and other channels. Agents get a unified view across all channels. Managers can monitor activities in real time from a universal desktop, so they have opportunity to move resources whenever necessary. Unified reporting tracks interaction types and agent resources, for easy planning and adjustments. Multichannel routing helps you engage customers for the long term, manage service levels, ensure consistent quality and contain costs.

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Workforce Optimization Suite

A program suite that combines workforce management (WFM), quality monitoring, performance management, recording, coaching, customer satisfaction surveys (voice-of-the-customer) and speech analytics into one console to oversee contact center performance.

Workforce Optimization (WFO) identifies inefficiencies and packages information concisely to help better manage your contact center.  CIC has WFO pre-integrated into the solution with all channels incorporated. The WFO suite’s Workforce Management component offers intelligent forecasting, easy agent scheduling, and real-time monitoring on adherence. Using the suite’s Multichannel Recording component, organizations capture data by media type and can retrieve recordings quickly. You get a recording and quality assurance solution on one platform, which reduces administration and support costs. The Quality Management benefit tracks and scores your agents on performance. Real-Time Supervisor Monitoring and Dashboards along with Real-Time Speech Analytics provide instant access to call activity. Finally, the Voice of the Customer Feedback component lets you create and manage post-call surveys, and triggers real-time alerts when a survey score dips. By assessing survey results along with operational data, managers have powerful information for improving contact center performance.

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Outbound Dialing

A complete best-in-class outbound dialer for comprehensive campaign management

Outbound dialing is an integral function of contact centers today. To achieve your goals around elevating agent productivity and boosting contact success rates, CIC provides call blending and multiple dialing modes from predictive to preview calling. Depending on your need, you can take advantage of multi-site campaign management, skills-based dialing by agent available, and real-time connectivity to third party Do Not Call services.


CRM and UC Integration

The ability to integrate your existing CRM, UC and other back-office systems to improve the agent and customer experience

No matter what CRM solution you are using, CIC will integrate with it to meet your needs such as screen pops, imbedded call controls, dynamic IVRs and priority customer routing. CIC also integrates with your UC platform. Juggling between your applications will be a thing of the past.