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After two decades and hundreds of satisfied clients, Adapt has successfully transformed customer communication across a wide range of industries. Dialogue is a key tenet of our process to determine exactly what you need to accomplish your customer experience goals. Our technical and engineering teams know how to tailor the solution so that your contact center is highly responsive to the communication needs of your audience.

No Matter What Line of Business You’re In, We’ve Got a Line on Improving Your Customer Experience.

Your Customer’s Experience is Your Defining Moment

With today’s digital environment allowing for fewer in-person opportunities to build customer relationships, every connection with your customers becomes more critical. Whether you are a bank, credit union, or insurance provider; make sure that your customer experience is exactly what you want it to be with Adapt’s help. We’ll arm your contact center agents with the information they need for creating flawless communication across all channels. And, we’ll help you achieve your goals for operational efficiency, security and compliance.



Better Patient Communication is a Health Benefit

When your communications management system works well, people feel better. We can help ensure customer satisfaction by making sure your contact center has easy access to the many channels of communication your patients use. It’s more important than ever for health care providers and insurers to deliver a quality, personalized customer experience. You face the challenges of servicing an aging population, rapidly changing technology and growing regulatory and legal compliance requirements. Adapt helps you meet these challenges. The Adapt team has the knowledge and experience to implement the right system for improving your customer experience, transparency for regulatory compliance and your operational efficiency.

Flawless Communication, Delivered

Your business is enabling flawless communication for your customers. Our business is ensuring flawless communication with your customers. No other provider has more experience implementing the all-in-one Genesys/Interactive Intelligence solutions for contact centers. The highly competitive environment and slow growth in your industry requires excellence 24/7, and Adapt helps optimize your customer’s experience at every touchpoint. Our expertise is making your communication management system seamless across channels and efficient through Workforce Optimization, reporting and training. Better customer experiences promote customer loyalty.

A Great Experience Goes a Long Way

When customers have a great customer service experience: they tell others. Whether they talk, blog, rate you online or just tell your agents; satisfied customers are your best advertising. Adapt helps improve customer experiences by helping you get the most out of your Genesys/Interactive Intelligence communication management system for your contact centers serving hospitality, travel or retail businesses. We know how to make your communications seamless across channels, incorporating your existing systems. After years of experience, our engineers have integrated systems from dozens of vendors. We know how to help improve your customer’s experience and your operational efficiency. Your customers and your agents will be talking about a better customer experience. And, good reviews travel fast.

Service Counts

The public wants continuity of service whether from Government, Energy or Utility companies, and service includes customer service. Deploying an Genesys/Interactive Intelligence contact center solution offers the ease, speed and scale that public services require. Smoothly integrating all channels of communication for customer service, the Adapt team helps make every constituent/customer interaction count, with contact center agents or self-service options. The public service sector needs efficiency and cost effective means for creating the best customer experience possible. Whether your definition of success is satisfied constituents or retained customers, Adapt will help you achieve your goal.

Earn High Marks for Your Customer Experience

All of your audiences – from potential students to current students to parents to staff members– want to get the information they need in the easiest, most efficient way possible. Adapt has the knowledge and experience to transform your communication management with an all-in-one solution from Genesys/Interactive Intelligence. We understand how important scalability and cost efficiencies are to your institutions. Adapt will help your audiences get the information they need from your contact center agents, no matter what channel your customers have chosen to contact you. We help reduce communication complexity for your institution and your students.